Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation -- And Not A Minute Too Soon, If You Ask Me

You would think this Radical did nothing but vacation: not so. For the past two weeks, since my return from History Camp, I have been involved in the most intense negotiations of the most delicate kind. And they were successful. So if I had not already planned a vacation, I would take one.

La famille Radicale is going here, to this beautiful place, where we have been many times before. We are visiting people who take the most exquisite care of us by alternately giving us things to eat, chatting in intelligent and genial ways, and ignoring us completely so we can wander off to read and nap.

Here's the radical part: I am not taking my computer. Though they have several computers there, so I can blog from vacation, and I am -- well, taking my thumb drive, just in case I should be left alone with a computer for an hour or so......Happy July, everyone. I'll be home by payday.


ortho said...

TR, enjoy your Minnesota-lake vacation! For a moment, I thought you were going to Saratoga. Tomorrow is opening day and opening weekend promises many great races!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy! And congratulations on the news on the delicate negotiations--you can now skinny-dip in triumph!

GayProf said...

Safe Travels!

Debrah said...

Looks like bad news for John Edwards

The rumors from January seem to have validity.

Well.......Obama can certainly scratch one name off the VP vetting list.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Well, negotiation congratulations to you! Go get yourself some relaxation up in ya'. See you when you get back!

Unknown said...

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