Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Is It So Hard to Write in This Neighborhood?

Well, the proximity to my television set -- where an entire season of The Tudors, recorded when I had no time to watch it, doesn't help. But that's not something we can send to our friends at the Neighborhood Block Watch, is it?

And it isn't the heat, because we put in the air conditioners yesterday.

No -- the reason it is so hard to write in this neighborhood is our latest petty crime: siphoning gas. Not so petty, if you think about it, with gas in Shoreline topping $4.20 a gallon in some places. And sometimes, when those who need the gas more than we do pop the tank cover, the car alarm goes off. More considerate thieves are simply drilling a hole in the gas tank, thus bypassing the alarm system, but risking self immolation. I'm also pretty sure that the car exploding in the driveway won't do the house much good.

The only thing that will ensure safety and the quiet atmosphere necessary to write, I think, is to simply leave a can of gas at the end of the sidewalk for whomever needs it.

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Tim Lacy said...

But if it's as hot as you say, maybe that sun-exposed gas can isn't such a swell idea?! - TL