Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News Flash: Feminist Bookstore is Not Dead Yet!

I have been alerted by Plain(s) Feminist that Amazon Bookstore, of Minneapolis, MN, which was slated to go out of business due to the general demise of independent book selling, will stay open after all! "I was just at Amazon this afternoon, and - they are not closing!" PF writes. "Two longtime customers are buying the store, so it will remain open."

Next goal: progressives occupy the White House!

This great feminist institution will survive after all, thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of community members who have made a leap of faith. So to celebrate, go visit them and buy a book.

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Anna said...

Thanks for the good news! I go out of my way to buy at Amazon when I'm in The Cities. I'm very glad to hear it will stay.