Monday, March 05, 2007


Question: when faced with both a large stack of papers you have promised to return on Monday (but have not touched in the two weeks since they were handed in) and a Monday deadline for an article, do you choose to:

a) finish the article (screw the papers);
b) screw the article (the other contributors to the special issue will be late too) so you can stay up half the night and/or get up at the crack of dawn to finish grading the papers and not have to make transparent excuses to your students;
c) stay up late and finish the article and, if you get to bed at a reasonable hour, get up and start grading the papers so there is some hope you will finish them before spring break;
d) write a blog post;
e) none of the above.

What's your answer to this common dilemma? I'll post the decision I made -- and the reasoning behind it -- tomorrow.


Flavia said...

B) I'd finish the papers, but I'd also email the editor of the collection to tell him/her that my contribution would be in by Friday.

Rationale: getting their papers back will please your students infinitely more (and make them regard you as a responsible member of the profession to an infinitely greater degree) than an on-time submission of an article will please, &c., the collection editor.

Because you KNOW that if your contribution is in by Friday it will still be in before half of the other submissions (and before the editor has actually bothered to look at the things--who does that on a Monday??). Moreover, unlike many of the other contributors, you'll have shown the editor that you do care about and remember deadlines, respect him/her, and are working hard not to inconvenience him/her too much.

But I'm curious to see what you actually did. . .

Anonymous said...

Grade the papers (for reasons flavia said).
And write the blog post ;)

Unknown said...

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