Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Despite advice to the contrary, I finished the article. For too long have I collaborated in my own oppression. Rise up! Rise up! The tyranny of student opinion and desire has been temporarily vanquished at Zenith.

Good outcomes include:

1) Article sent, done, finissima;
2) A reputation for being the on-time Radical secured on the staff of a literary journal in Philadelphia;
3) Not sitting around weeping because "I can't seem to ever *finish* anything" (imagine this said with a moan and a little sob);
4) Students appeared not to notice or care that their papers were not returned.

Bad outcomes:

1) I still have papers to grade and they have to be returned in less than 24 hours;
2) My reputation as the on-time Professor Radical continues to wobble and/or decline.

But here's the post-script: while grading last night I became incensed at not being able to view the Rutgers-Marquette women's Big East tournament semi-final, and so I have purchased an entirely new package of channels so that the non-stop grading that will continue during the first and final two weeks of March Madness need never be done without a basketball game on!


Lesboprof said...

Good for you! Congrats on sending out the article. I KNOW that is a wonderful feeling.

Hope you enjoy all the channels. We may have a mutiny here if we don't buy something so we can watch March Madness in my gf's home conference!

The Combat Philosopher said...

That is the answer I would approve of. Congrats to you. There is a slippery slope fallacy that is all too common in my neck of the woods which starts "I have too much grading to work on my paper today..." and ends up with no submissions ever.

Apparently, I am a heretic for thinking that this is a mistake. It is good to know that you think similarly.

I cannot relate to the sports bit though. I do not understand the sports that show up on my TV, as is. I hope that it is fun though.

The Combat Philosopher

anthony grafton said...

Good work there, radical! First things first.