Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Extraordinary Privilege Department

This just in, having been sent at 9:28 this morning and received just minutes ago after I finished grading the papers and checked my e-mail:

"Hi Professor Radical -

"I know this is wierd but I just received news from Habitat for Humanity that I have been called back for another interview tomorrow that I have to be at in order to get the job. This interview is very important to me, because it would mean a step to my chosen career. To be there in time I would have to leave by at least 12: can I reschedule the exam?"

Not that I mean to plot the location of Zenith more precisely, but it takes exactly 4 hours to get to Phladelphia from here. Under what conditions might a person have to leave by noon today to get to Philadelphia by business hours tomorrow?


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Perhaps he is cycling? And wants to do so mostly in daylight?

The Combat Philosopher said...

I had a similar request today. However, my student needed to get away to appear in court (and not as a witness)...Need I say more!

The Combat Philosopher