Saturday, May 07, 2011

American Studies Declares A Victory Over All Other Fields: Amy Farrell Hits The Big Time

So when folks tuned in to Stephen Colbert on May 4 to get his take on the Bin Laden thing, they also got American Studies celebrity Amy Farrell!  Apparently this is her second time on Colbert discussing the history of obesity.  Farrell's second shot at the big time was triggered by the publication of her new book, Fat Shame:  Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture.  See both appearances on the Dickinson College website.

How did your favorite Radical become alert to this, since ze has not time to watch TV until the third week in May, and can't stay up that late under the best conditions?  Facebook, of course.  A really good blog reporter always checks the main feed for news about the people who are "friends" -- you know those folks.  They are the people to whom you feel friend-LY -- who you don't really know, and/or who you wish you did know. 

Photo courtesy of Amy Farrell
Farrell plays a great straight woman to Colbert's wackadoodle interviewing style.  This week's episode also features Colbert running offstage screaming "I gotta pee!"


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