Thursday, March 17, 2011

Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Tea Party Candidate Solves Social Problems, Shoots Self In Foot

Tea Party social welfare program?
In case you were wondering why we haven't solved the problem of how to get cheap food on the table without large numbers of undocumented workers who will work under substandard conditions for no money, it's because wussy liberals won't bring back the chain gang.

Okay, Jack Davis, who wants to run for the vacant seat in New York's 26th congressional district didn't quite say that.  But this is what the Tea Party candidate did say, according to reporter Jerry Zremski, as he was being screened by the GOP in that state:

that Latino farm workers [should] be deported -- and that African-Americans from the inner city [could] be bused to farm country to pick the crops.

Several sources who were in the Feb. 20 endorsement interview with Davis confirmed his comments, which echo those he made to the Tonawanda News in 2008, when he said: "We have a huge unemployment problem with black youth in our cities. Put them on buses, take them out there [to the farms] and pay them a decent wage; they will work."

Since Davis has been articulating such views publicly for at least two years, so the shock being expressed by the New York Republican Party leadership means little else than that they aren't doing their homework.

"I was thunderstruck," said Amherst GOP Chairman Marshall Wood. "Maybe in 1860 that might have been seen by some as an appropriate comment, but not now."

Davis spokesman W. Curtis Ellis acknowledged that Davis' comments "may not be politically correct and ... may not be racially correct."

Yes, Mr. Ellis, we can start there.  Davis's comments are also really st00pid One wonders how far the Tea Party tolerance for come one, come all freedom of expression will extend in the next election cycle if upstate New York Republicans (who are about as conservative as God makes 'em and not your normal bastions of political correctness) are running for the hills on this one.

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Widgeon said...

Greetings from Buffalo:
This is the same party that supported Carl Paladino who said poor blacks should be taught personal hygiene and housed in closed prisons. What they are really trying to do is get rid of Jack Davis and drive him back to the Democratic Party (he has run as a Democrat, Republican, and Independent). The outrage over Davis's comment by party leaders is manufactured.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's wrong that I was hoping the title of this post was literal... only because I thought it would be incredibly ironic, not because I actually wish anybody to injure themselves with firearms.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

"May not be politically correct"?!? How about "may be -- nay, most certainly are -- racist"?

I hate the way that "PC" is flung around, as if people's objections to racism, sexism, and homophobia are mere matters of semantics from overly-sensitive liberals.

anthea said...

Oooch. It seems that there's a woeful lack of ignorance was expressed by the Tea Party candiate at the same time. Oh dear. Ignorance is clearly bliss for this candidate.

Widgeon said...

Just to continue to complicate this issue readers might want to check out Rod Watson's column in the Buffalo News:
Davis is not a tea partier--his main issue in the past has been opposing free trade. This is bad news, of course, because it means that racist ideas are not only the purview of one political party or ideology.

Widgeon said...

Correction--having been rejected by every other party Davis is (as TR reported) trying to run as the "Tea Party" candidate. Truly, this is a man with too much money trying to push his agenda in whatever way he can. Privileged white guy syndrome.

flask said...

well, the offensive part is where we ascribe any part of the problem with race and get all uppity about deportation, but it's true that if we provide transportation to the unemployed to send them to jobs with a DECENT WAGE, that's a big step in the right direction!

JoVE said...

am I the only one that noticed that "pay them a decent wage" bit? WTF? if the system paid decent wages...

Just add economic ignorance to racism and stupidity I guess.

Unknown said...

As much as I'm happy to ascribe whatever heinous views to tea partiers, tying Jack Davis to them is iffy. The guy is just flat nuts (even aside from his politics) and went from being a Republican to a Democrat to now an independent who has chosen to run as a Tea Party candidate without actually being what we would traditionally call a tea partier.

Prof. Robin Morris said...

Have you read Heather Thompson's article in the December JAH? Apparently, we already do have inner city African Americans doing hard labor-- just for a prison wage rather than a living wage. Of course, the corporate profits off the labor are more than decent!