Saturday, June 09, 2007

How the Radical Picked Rags to Riches in the Belmont

1. Todd Pletcher would not have run her if he didn't think she could win.

2. She's a *big* girl.

3. She has a reputation for taking no guff from the colts.

4. Curlin had to be tired after that effort in the Preakness.

Thus spaketh the Radical. And Rags to Riches, brother to Belmont winner Jazil, daughter of Belmont winner A.P. Indy, becomes the first filly since Tanya (1905) to win the Belmont stakes. You can read about the terrific race she ran against Curlin and the other colts at the Daily Racing Form.

Right on. This is one special thoroughbred.

My next predicition: this will turn the three-year old season on its head. Buy your Breeder's Cup tickets now.

Future blog post: why handicapping horses draws on the same skills required of a professional historian, and how the Radical ended up as a handicapper in the first place.

Sunday Update:

Here is Rags to Riches heading for home, on the far left. She looked calm and determined the whole way. I'm in love.

The horse to her immediate right is Curlin, and on the far right is Tiago, who you should watch for a four year-old season, if you are thinking of becoming a player. That mildly crazed look on his face is partly stress from running so fast, and partly a mild lack of concentration, probably resulting from the exceptional crowd noise the unexpected excitement of the race produced. Taigo will learn to tolerate this, I think, kind of like you learn to tolerate giving a lecture while students wander in and out to get water and go to the bathroom.


Ancarett said...

It was gratifying to see the third filly run to victory in almost a hundred and fifty years of the Belmont Stake. You're right that she has the breeding and bone to do good things. And it's nice to have some good news on the horse-racing front after last year.

The Constructivist said...

Since you do the sports blogging every once in a while, I thought I7d invite you to take your blog to the course for next week's U.S. Women's Open!

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