Friday, February 25, 2011

A Brief Exchange From My Dream Life Where I Address Some Confusion On The Political Right

Rush Limbaugh (hysterically):  "The decision not to defend Roe v. Wade by a corrupt attorney general is another instance of a criminal administration!  What if Obama decided to stop defending Roe v. Wade?  How would the liberals like that?"

Tenured Radical (with unnerving calm):  "Supreme Court decisions and litigation are two entirely different things, Fat Stuff.  Under the constitution, the President and the Department of Justice don't defend Supreme Court decisions, only laws that are defensible under the Constitution. No one  outside the Court, except radio personalities and issue-based non-profits, actually 'defends' Supreme Court decisions, and those defenses are either purely rhetorical or based in fund-raising appeals and organizing.  Instead, precedents are upheld, or not upheld by the court in response to new litigation, based on dissents and concurrences articulated and written by members of the Court.  You f&#king nitwit."

Hat tip.


trixie dang said...

yeah, but then Limby would be all "yeah, but michelle obama still doesn't look like the cover girl from the sports illustrated swimsuit issue!" and you'd be all "wait that wasn't even..."

and then he'd bring it up every other day for the next 5 years, and each time it'd be less clear what he thought you had been talking about.

trixie dang said...

wait, unless in your dream life, after your icy-cool retort, the skin sealed up over mr. limbaugh's mouth, and he let out a long, muffled scream and then fainted.

cuz as long as we're dreaming, that'd be pretty sweet.

Tenured Radical said...

Or exploded. And as we scraped the Cool-Whip off the walls, we realized that he had never been a real person in the first place.

Unknown said...

If I may be so bold as to diagree. When Eisenhower sent National Guard troops into Little Rock, wasn't he enforcing the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education and subsequent court orders based on this decision?

Also, calling Rush "fat stuff" seems a little childish to me.


meg- grow & resist said...

Haha, love it!

kaela said...

You had me at Fat Stuff.

Tenured Radical said...

JDB: No, actually Eisenhower was protecting children, who were lawfully attending school because of Brown, from illegal violence that the Governor of the state (and the police force, which was dripping with Klansmen) claimed they were unable to to control.

It was childish, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

TR, I believe you make my point. Brown was a Supreme Court decision, being enforced by a (Republican) president. I believe that Mr. Limbaugh was also referring to a Supreme Court decision. So when you say "the President and the Department of Justice don't defend Supreme Court decisions" I believe you are, well, WRONG!!!


Unknown said...

And again, I don't think calling people "fat" advances the argument, and in some cases may be a little hypocritical -- for example when Ed Schulz talks about Rush's "fat ass". Have you checked out Ed's girth lately? Just sayin'


Tenured Radical said...

No, actually I don't.

a. Brown allowed the schools to desegregate.

b. Eisenhower intervened in public lawlessness.

That one followed from the other does not make it an "enforcement" of Brown, 'ceptin mebbe for those who still hang the stars n' bars. Brown wasn't a law; DOMA is. Obama will enforce the law, as it stands, but he will not defend a constitutional challenge *to* the law.

This doesn't seem so hard to me -- and I don't think it is so hard for lots of conservative Republicans, who are being uncommonly silent on this issue.

Tenured Radical said...

I didn't call Rush fat to advance an argument. I called him fat because he is a ridiculous person, a hypocrite and a liar. The only reason that is wrong, I think, is that it is disparaging to fat people, who are not necessarily any of those things.

Lisa Moore said...

ARRRGH! Just coming fresh off a terse exchange with my Tea Party mother-in-law, who lives with me and my BIG DYKE partner (her daughter) and our two children....The HYPOCRISY and DOUBLETHINK required to be far-right at this historical moment boggles the mind. "I'm sorry if those teachers in Wisconsin expect a government pension, but..." Meanwhile, she cashes a MILITARY PENSION every month! She loves Rush, but she also loves HER GAY DAUGHTER and family and thinks it's wrong that my job at Big State U does not provide domestic partner benefits! 2011 is starting to seem like 1968....the dominoes are falling...but who will be crushed?

Anonymous said...

Love your posts but honestly the last thing I want to see on my google reader is the face of that man

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