Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Planet University: Episode 2, "Last Month In Office Hours"

For the pilot episode of "Planet University"  go to our sister website at Xtranormal.com.  Afternoon update:  a big welcome to readers of the National Review Online:  it's been awhile, but I'm glad to see you back again.

Disclaimer:  this cartoon and its characters are fictional.  "Planet University" does not depict actual events, people or conversations.


Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

Looks to me like your professor of Lesbian Studies has a picture of my Professor Sawyer on the corner of her desk. What could this mean?

Another awesome contribution. Clearly, the rest of us need to hire sound technicians to catch up with your masterful use of effects. (Laugh, laugh, clap, clap.)

Val said...

I'm glad you're putting xtranormal to good use.

This reminds me of how much I always loved it when students felt the need to come out as straight during Queer Studies classes. And by "loved it," I mean "felt like it was an infuriating waste of time."

trixie dang said...

Oh dear. Are entirely fictitious students still having those sorts of totally hypothetical conversations with someone who is clearly not you?

In my youthful innocence, I sorta thought the coming-out-as-straight thing was a weird blue-moon twilight zoney sorta thing.

Anonymous said...

Students are needy. Get over it! Sure it’s unattractive and all, but we’re very young and want validation. At Zenith this means validation of our identities as people who get good grades, and validation of the new identities we’re forming as people living away from our overprotective baby boomer parents for the first time.

I’m sure it’s bizarre to have people accuse you of favoritism and go to you for counseling about their sexual identity. But it’s equally bizarre for us to have our initiation into adulthood come through the modern university. It’s probably immature, but students who have gotten to Zenith look up to their professors and put them in a quasi-parental role, as they did with their high school teachers. It takes a few office hour sessions like the one you portray—quite accurately, I’m embarassed to admit—for us to realize that professors are highly-specialized, career-oriented bureaucrats (that they have their own lives).

Comrade PhysioProf said...

I can't believe the sweatervest-wearing student extorted an A-! OUTRAGE!!111!!111!!!

Anonymous said...

"not even a political lesbian!"