Thursday, May 07, 2009

Two Important Updates on Murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich

This story suggests that, prior to gunning her down in cold blood yesterday, Stephen Morgan had been stalking Johanna Justin-Jinich since 2006, but also that there is evidence that this attack was part of a broader plan to harm Jewish students and Wesleyan University. No wonder they want us to stay home until they can locate this guy.

I also want to notify everyone that the original picture of the perpetrator that I had posted below has been removed, since a commenter informed me it was incorrect. I believe this, since when I originally received the picture and googled the name, I came up with an academic at another institution who bore a striking resemblance to our "perp:" Johanna's murderer is not, I repeat not Stephan Morgan of Cornell, who I hope will receive apologies from more people than me (but for what it's worth, you can have mine too, Professor Morgan.) The new photographs being circulated are below:


12;15 Update: This clear color image was just contributed by the first two commenters to this post, via Wesleyan's official security updates.

Hat tip.


Anonymous said...

There's a color picture of the suspect at this link on the university's website:

(Click on the picture for better-quality resolution.)

Beau said...

The latest official updates are here:, BTW for the plug of Wesleying. We're getting so much traffic that our site is loading intermittently. Please feel free to copy/paste/repost any and all info from our site that you wish to share here.

Jennifer said...

I just learned about this incident, and like many others, immediately went to your blog to find out more information. I am literally in the middle of proctoring my final exam on 20th C. American lit at Southern U. and have tears in my eyes because I've read through your posts about Johanna and feel so much sorrow, because I KNOW women like Johanna--I've taught them over the years and many are currently sitting right in front of me anticipating their commencement ceremony this upcoming weekend.

I'm sure my own sense of anger around issues of gun violence, domestic abuse/women being stalked, will come, but right now I just wanted to thank you for keeping those of us not in Middletown/CT updated. And I wanted you to know that another academic also feels the pain and loss of what the Wesleyan community is experiencing.

foodieranter said...

Thank am you for your updates. I am so in shock about this and am sending my thoughts and prayers to the Wes community. This is so horrifying and hateful. My heart goes out to Johanna's family and also to the students and faculty and staff at Wes.
In my thoughts,
Anita Mannur

Zena said...

Dear TR:

I am sitting at my desk out here in California, and instead of working, I am glued to the internet. My stepdaughter is a Wesleyan student, and when we talked to her this morning she was still unable to leave her dorm. As a parent, I have an overwhelming desire to fly over in a helicopter and pluck her out of there. These hours of waiting for the gunman to be found are agonizing. Reading your blog helps a lot, though. I am terrified for my stepdaughter, and I am so grateful to know that everyone around her is trying to keep her and all the other students safe. My warmest regards and sympathy go out to you and your colleagues.
-Worried Stepmother

Dr. Crazy said...

TR - I haven't commented before now because I haven't been sure what to say. Just know that you and all those touched by this horrible crime are in my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

You mention in a previous post about not being able to concentrate on your work right now. Well, I couldn't concentrate on my work today either, and I'm hundreds of miles away from Connecticut. I've been too worried about the professors and students at Wesleyan and how they must be feeling.

I never took a class with you but your posts remind me of how lucky I am to be a Wesleyan alum. To be honest, I wasn't entirely happy at Wesleyan, but I made a few great friends, took a few life-changing classes, and always knew that there were a few professors who'd have my back. Seeing your posts, as well as those over at Wesleying and on the Wesleyan homepage, simultaneously make my heart ache for the Wes community and make me beam with pride-- I am a WESLEYAN alum!

-Class of 2007

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It was a tragedy what her family went through, the help with the photos and the witnesses is going to be crucial.