Monday, March 30, 2009

Patriarchal Equilibrium Anyone? Judith Bennett Responds

Over at Notorious Ph.D., Judith Bennett caps off Women's History Month and the the blogfest on History Matters with this wonderful rejoinder.

I'm still recovering from the flux, as well as five days away from my various desks, so I don't have anything smart to say in response. But who needs to be smart when Judith Bennett is around? And girlfriend, you are darn tootin' -- 58 is not the older generation -- not from a Radical perspective, at least. Daughters of the '50's in solidarity forever -- not to mention thanks for being a good sport and coming out to play.

Please note: there is a new widget to the left entitled "Farmer Radical's Garden News" which will be periodically updated with various newsflashes about local food. Although I have gardened since I came to Zenith lo these many years back, if Alice Waters and Michelle Obama want raising food to be a national project, dammit, I'm in.