Saturday, September 06, 2008

Holy Hidden Historians, Batman!

Are you, or are you not, dying to know who this is?

Your Radical is somewhat late to the party, but honored nonetheless, since I became aware of this blog after having been "friended" (not to be confused with the more familiar "befriended") by the pseudonymous blogger, Ambrose Hofstadter Bierce III, on Facebook. Of course, I accepted the proffer of friendship. Who wouldn't?

But here is the question that many of us are asking. Do I know Mr. Bierce? Not sure. American history is a small, small world. Evidence suggests that either we have friends in common, or he is (purely by accident) phishing for Facebook friends among people I know.

Or he was hoping for a plug on Tenured Radical. Well, you got it, baby.

Your game is a dangerous one, Mr. Bierce, even though initial reports suggest that you are adding spice to our otherwise dull little lives. Let me know if Princeton is considering a preemptive strike to woo me to Tiger Town as part of the campaign to add heft and wit to the American wing there.


Ahistoricality said...

Speaking for myself, and as someone who's been enjoying "Mr. Bierce", I couldn't care less. The vast majority of what he writes is fairly widely known, it seems: a quick rundown of a departmental faculty page and a few minutes with JSTOR would produce similar knowledge, mostly. The gossipy bits are fine; kind of useful, since nobody else ever seems to do any kind of real journalistic work on the History community.

That said, the almost exclusive focus on Americanists gets tired after a while, at least for this Asianist. To judge the quality of departments solely on one field is absurd.

ortho said...

Tenured Radical, thanks for sharing! I hope Mr. AHB takes your warning seriously.

Anonymous said...

Such a clever post.

TR is so hot!

Can we bottle her?