Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Tenured Radical Has a Virtual Crush On.....

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. OK, regular readers of this blog know that the Radical doesn't do men, so this is a *political* crush. For those of you who remember the early stages of second wave feminism, this is a lot like being a Political Lesbian. Which I am not. I am an actual lesbian.


If you have been following the political news, you know that Congress is going to vote on a war funding bill today, and you also know *why* I am utterly crushed out on Harry Reid. I was pretty fond of him before, having been partly raised in Idaho, which allows me to utterly relate to his grim Western mentalite better than many of my New England friends do (the ones who expect peppy, charming Senators like John Kerry.) But yesterday, after Nanny Dick blasted him in front of the press right outside his own door, Harry came running out and said: "The president sends out his attack dogs often, also known as Dick Cheney, and he was here again today attacking not only me, but the Democratic Caucus."

Isn't that cool? I bet it drove Nanny Dick to use the f-word as he retreated down the hall, like he did on the Senate floor.

This would be Bowzer here on the left, a picture taken outside Reid's office as the vice president was accusing the Dems of opposing the war, not out of principle or intelligence, but to win seats in the next election. And who is standing behind Bowzer? That would be Republican Senator Trent Lott, whose speeches before white supremacist groups in decades not-so-past, and his birthday speech for Strom Thurmond, were probably *not* for cynical political gain, otherwise surely the Republican party would insist on another Senator from the Great State of Mississippi who did not seem to be a big old racist.

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moria said...

You're not the only Real Lesbian with this particular political crush. Watching CNN's Dana Bash be her ridiculous self suddenly became a total joy on Monday. Thanks, Harry.