Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Following Dr. Virago over at Quod She, I went to a website where you can make a map of all the states you have visited.

I am proud to say that I am not one of those typical liberal-lesbo-Hillary-democrats who has skipped all the states between Pennsylvania and California. Note the state of Idaho, in particular, where I spent large chunks of my childhood and played tackle football until, to my great dismay, it was discovered by the boys not on my team that I was a girl.

OK, I also get it that the map utterly screws up the design of my blog. But what to do? I'm not that good at HTML yet.


The Combat Philosopher said...

You can quite easily fix the map size thing.

If you look at the code that you pasted into your blog, you will notice a bit that has src="http://...blah, blah"[close angle bracket] in the first line. After the last set of ", but before the angle bracket, add something like 'width="549" height="284"', with a space between the " and width, but no space between 284" and the angle bracket and this should do the trick. Of course, you may have to play around with the values here, to get it to look just right.

BTW, I'd be interested in your thoughts on my most recent post Academic Values-- NOT!. We have moved into transcendental train wreck territory. Any advice would be welcome.

The Combat Philosopher

Anonymous said...

"The reality of being a full Professor has begun to dawn on me: it means that I can really do whatever I want "

Indeed. Including slandering and libeling 3 Duke Lacrosse student/athletes who you never met and apparently despise, with great animus.

And, oh, you do strike me as a typical "liberal-lesbo-Hillary-democrat". The "truth " matters not to you "religious" fanatics.